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FREE Poker Tracker 4 Full Version License

FREE Poker Tracker 4 - Full Version License

FREE Poker Gifts - Best Online Poker Sign Up Bonus & Rakeback Deals

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Poker players that visit BonusGenius are constantly spoiled with extravagant gifts. Whether it’s high value poker software ore great rakeback offers to help you build a strong online poker bankroll, BonusGenius has the right offer for you.

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It’s simple! Choose a free gift and one of our featured online poker rooms to play at. As soon as you’ve reached the required number of raked hands or earned enough points the gift is yours! Unlike other poker sites, we’ve kept requirements for obtaining bonuses pretty simple.

Thats not all though, you will also get an extra cash bonus on your first deposit at any of the poker rooms listed on our website.

Free PaySafe Card 50 EUROS

PaySafe Card: 50 EURO for You!

The renowned PaySafe Card is one of our most popular gifts. The card is welcome at all major poker and betting sites, online casinos and download companies. PaySafe is easy to use and, unlike Credit Cards, it is absolutely anonymous. Risk free payment all around the clock!

You can get this free poker gift on the top of the generous Sign Up Bonus of up to 200% or $1000! Get yourself a 50 Euro PaySafe Card, check out our Free Gifts Shop here.

Free Holdem Manager Pro

FREE Holdem Manager Pro

Holdem Manager Pro is completely approved across all the major internet poker rooms and allows you to track your hands and those of your opponents. An essential aspect of growing and improving as a poker player, is to track your results and see the holes not only in your game but those of your opponents as well. Get a FREE Holdem Manager Pro license here.

FREE Poker Tracker 3

PokerTracker calculates all the stats for you and your opponent. With this gained knowledge, you can therefore see you and your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. This program will also allow you to study your opponent’s way of playing. Today there is hardly a successful poker player who doesn’t use PokerTracker3. Get FREE Poker Tracker 3 license from BonusGenius.

Feel free to contact us at any time! We will be happy to answer any of your questions!